Classroom Choreography (SM) blog launched!

This blog is dedicated to discussions of dance integration in the classroom: in other words, exploring the tools and techniques of dance-making to drive learning in classrooms.

The posts in this blog, and the comments, will be used in the development of a mass-market book I am writing about the importance of movement for brain development and the power of creating art (in this case, dance) about what we are learning in school, to make it experiential, relevant, motivating, and memorable.

Posts will include excerpts from the manuscript of the book, related thoughts that seem worth putting out into the ether, and anything else that may help raise the consciousness of Americans about this transformational issue.

Randy Barron, Teaching Artist

For more information about me or my work, please visit:

Comments are always welcome, but please use thoughtful and polite language, or risk having your posts deleted. Thanks for reading!



About rbdancer

Randy has been a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist and Workshop Leader since 1995. During 35 years as a teaching artist, he has led over 300 in-depth workshops, courses, and seminars for teachers and teaching artists, traveling to 37 states in the process. As a choreographer and professional dancer, Randy has danced and produced dance concerts in some of the country's most storied theaters. Randy now lives with his wife in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northeastern New Mexico.
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One Response to Classroom Choreography (SM) blog launched!

  1. Nichelle says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog via Meg over at Dancepulse and I am very excited to add you to my reader so that I can keep track of all you’ll be doing here! Best wishes!

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