Student Reflections on Dance Integration

Quick post to let you know I’ve tried my first YouTube upload, and here are the results. This video is large (35+ Mb) and there is an even larger one available if you want high-def, but you’ll need a fast connection.

The purpose of the slideshow is to illuminate the inner world of children as they participate in some of the endangered arts experiences that the Factory Education propagandists call “fluff.”

Please check it out if you can, and comment / discussion is, as ever, encouraged.


About rbdancer

Randy has been a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist and Workshop Leader since 1995. During 35 years as a teaching artist, he has led over 300 in-depth workshops, courses, and seminars for teachers and teaching artists, traveling to 37 states in the process. As a choreographer and professional dancer, Randy has danced and produced dance concerts in some of the country's most storied theaters. Randy now lives with his wife in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northeastern New Mexico.
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3 Responses to Student Reflections on Dance Integration

  1. Cissy whipp says:

    Bravo! A terrific slide show, very compelling.

  2. Meg says:

    Nicely done! Thanks for getting it together.

  3. Kathleen Kingsley says:

    Most excellent! Inspiring, actually.

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