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Randy has been a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist and Workshop Leader since 1995. During 35 years as a teaching artist, he has led over 300 in-depth workshops, courses, and seminars for teachers and teaching artists, traveling to 37 states in the process. As a choreographer and professional dancer, Randy has danced and produced dance concerts in some of the country's most storied theaters. Randy now lives with his wife in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northeastern New Mexico.

Reaping what we’ve sown

Here’s today’s cheerful update from the White House: Does that last bullet point (and the boldface text) chill you, maybe a tiny bit? Does it sound faintly like uniformed government forces invading your office, home, and neighborhood to arrest undesirables? … Continue reading

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Environments Matter

Thoughtful classroom design helps every learner Continue reading

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Intrinsic Motivation Means Student Engagement

When students create art about things they are learning, we call that arts integration. This approach to teaching routinely works to engage ALL children in a classroom in learning, something that is clearly not true of the “drill and kill” … Continue reading

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Once More, With Feeling

In November of 2014, the New Mexico Art Education Association bestowed on me a singular privilege and honor: the Max Coll and Catherine Joyce Coll Award for Arts Education. The award stemmed from my participation in a group of dedicated … Continue reading

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Transformational Teaching

This post on Edutopia beautifully summarizes some crucial truths about teaching and learning: “Big Things Transformational Teachers Do” What strikes me in the context of arts integration is that teaching artists and teachers who faithfully follow that approach to teaching … Continue reading

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Arts Integration on a Bumper Sticker

The first large-scale Learning Expedition we mounted in our young charter school for ecology and the arts in 2005 was, “In the Shadow of the Hermit,” an investigation into the life of a fascinating local Las Vegas, New Mexico historical … Continue reading

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