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Once More, With Feeling

In November of 2014, the New Mexico Art Education Association bestowed on me a singular privilege and honor: the Max Coll and Catherine Joyce Coll Award for Arts Education. The award stemmed from my participation in a group of dedicated … Continue reading

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A Relentless Defense of Ignorance

The Ignorati are coming — out of the wood work. On the heels of the infamous Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” kerfuffle, which brought all the racists (“#Speak American?” …really???) out of their musty coffins, Bill Nye chose to debate a … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance Department Report

As one of a continuing series of looks at the insanity of what we do versus what we think, consider these two headlines from the past week in education news: I clicked on this article via an ASCD newsletter on … Continue reading

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Getting it Horribly Wrong

As I was composing a post on a general view of how arts integration is becoming more widely recognized as powerful teaching and learning, I ran across an AP article on the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), … Continue reading

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What Century Is This?

I’ve been in baby-land for so long, I can hardly remember what this blog is for. But it’s coming back to me now that I am in Washington, DC for the annual Kennedy Center Retreat for Workshop Leaders. (By the … Continue reading

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Disturbances in the Force

The Obama administration’s push for national “core” standards is supposed to help education grapple with the problems endemic to a factory approach to teaching and learning, and to even out educational discrepancies between the states. In fact what it will do is create the illusion of progress while diverting yet more billions of public dollars into private hands. Continue reading

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The Passing of Arnold Spohr

Arnold Spohr led the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for 30 years. His outreach in bringing dance to wider audiences was responsible for my becoming a professional dancer. This is a belated thank-you to the man, who died April 12, 2010. Continue reading

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