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Once More, With Feeling

In November of 2014, the New Mexico Art Education Association bestowed on me a singular privilege and honor: the Max Coll and Catherine Joyce Coll Award for Arts Education. The award stemmed from my participation in a group of dedicated … Continue reading

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Arts Integration on a Bumper Sticker

The first large-scale Learning Expedition we mounted in our young charter school for ecology and the arts in 2005 was, “In the Shadow of the Hermit,” an investigation into the life of a fascinating local Las Vegas, New Mexico historical … Continue reading

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Restoring Dance to the Center of Life Powerful blog by a socially conscious dancer and activist. Subscribe!

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Deliberate Confusion About the Common Core

Colorado has become the latest state to suffer a brouhaha over the Common Core State Standards, due primarily to a push by a group of people who don’t understand the Common Core. I suspect many of them have not even … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance Department Report

As one of a continuing series of looks at the insanity of what we do versus what we think, consider these two headlines from the past week in education news: I clicked on this article via an ASCD newsletter on … Continue reading

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Artists or Teachers?

One of the Big Issue Questions that come up when we are talking about arts integration is, “Doesn’t this dilute the art form? Aren’t we using an art form as a crutch to teach something, rather than teaching ‘art for … Continue reading

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Poorly Educated – And Now We Pay

A modest proposition: We can trace the entire, swelling crisis of leadership and governance in the United States to the systematic removal of the arts, and artistic thinking processes, from mainstream education. By the way, you don’t get consistently poor … Continue reading

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