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Environments Matter

Thoughtful classroom design helps every learner Continue reading

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What Century Is This?

I’ve been in baby-land for so long, I can hardly remember what this blog is for. But it’s coming back to me now that I am in Washington, DC for the annual Kennedy Center Retreat for Workshop Leaders. (By the … Continue reading

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Don’t Reform, Transform

Teaching and learning should be playful, social, creative, active, and exciting. Students and teachers ought to be champing at the bit to return to “school” the next day, filled with the possibilities of what may evolve from their latest explorations. “Going to school” ought to be the most fun job in the world. Why can’t it be? Continue reading

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What Do We Want from Our Schools?

There are some small satisfactions in life. I returned from a 2,800-mile motorcycle work/pleasure trip a few days ago, and the Monday morning newspaper headline (in huge type, below the banner) was: “AYP Draws Flawed Picture of Progress.” The accompanying … Continue reading

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Where’s the Joy?

Teachers have given up their power and are facing “burnout” due to our insistence on holding them accountable for student test scores. Approaching the art of teaching more like a creative process and less like a set of rules to follow can lead to not only better, but more joyful teaching and learning for everyone. Continue reading

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Making Choices is the Key

The crucial element of the arts integration approach to teaching is student choice. In creating their own individual and collaborative works of art, students grapple with real-world decisions to imbue their creations with meaning. Dance does this better than anything else, because it involves the entire being, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Continue reading

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Ancient Becomes Modern

What do we know of humanity’s first schools? From our study of primal cultures, we know that we first make sense of the universe by dancing, singing, dramatizing, and crafting visual representations of complex truths. “Back to the basics” takes on new meaning when we look at it this way. Continue reading

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