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Environments Matter

Thoughtful classroom design helps every learner Continue reading

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Once More, With Feeling

In November of 2014, the New Mexico Art Education Association bestowed on me a singular privilege and honor: the Max Coll and Catherine Joyce Coll Award for Arts Education. The award stemmed from my participation in a group of dedicated … Continue reading

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The Arguments for Arts Integration Mount Up

Here is a great blog post on the subject of grading students: http://smartblogs.com/education/2013/04/09/ungraded-students/ Isn’t it interesting, that every time educational researchers and practitioners make a discovery about best practices in learning, they are completely consistent and natural outcomes of arts … Continue reading

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What Century Is This?

I’ve been in baby-land for so long, I can hardly remember what this blog is for. But it’s coming back to me now that I am in Washington, DC for the annual Kennedy Center Retreat for Workshop Leaders. (By the … Continue reading

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Teaching Advertising Literacy

A new government initiative to teach 4th through 6th graders how to decode advertising has great promise, but may never get off the ground due to the pressures of No Child Left Behind. Continue reading

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Not Tested and Not Taught

The current debate about whether and how to apply merit pay principles to teacher compensation makes this a good time to think about the measuring tools that “No Child Left Behind” requires schools to apply to student “achievement.” That word, … Continue reading

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Ancient Becomes Modern

What do we know of humanity’s first schools? From our study of primal cultures, we know that we first make sense of the universe by dancing, singing, dramatizing, and crafting visual representations of complex truths. “Back to the basics” takes on new meaning when we look at it this way. Continue reading

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