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A Teacher Apologizes for Testing

Along the lines of the continuing thread in this blog about how destructive testing has become, here is a blog post about a 3rd grade teacher’s heartfelt letter of apology to her students for taking time away from learning in … Continue reading

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Deliberate Confusion About the Common Core

Colorado has become the latest state to suffer a brouhaha over the Common Core State Standards, due primarily to a push by a group of people who don’t understand the Common Core. I suspect many of them have not even … Continue reading

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A Relentless Defense of Ignorance

The Ignorati are coming — out of the wood work. On the heels of the infamous Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” kerfuffle, which brought all the racists (“#Speak American?” …really???) out of their musty coffins, Bill Nye chose to debate a … Continue reading

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